“Dark Horse” 2024 Candidate Says Rivals Are “Defensive” 

(PresidentialHill.com)- In a recent interview, unknown Republican 2024 presidential candidate, West Virginia businessman Rollan Roberts II, described leading candidates Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump as “reactionary” and “defensive,” and argued that the party needs new “visionary leadership.” 

The son of a West Virginia state Senator, Roberts is the founder of Transform Africa, an organization providing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities to African communities, as well as Rollan College. 

In an interview on “Just the News, No Noise,” Rollan said that as someone who comes from “the entrepreneurial world,” there is a difference in how he thinks compared to the rest of the potential GOP field. He said the other candidates, including DeSantis and Trump, are “reactionary, defensive candidates” and he believes the GOP needs “visionary leadership.” 

Roberts announced his 2024 campaign for the GOP nomination in January, vowing to bring principled, disciplined leadership to Washington. 

In his press conference announcing his run for the White House, Roberts said he was entering the race to bring “sound wisdom grounded in truth” and “respect for all people.” He said he wanted to help lay the foundation for “leadership and excellence” in the next century by “solving the great issues” of today. 

Roberts told “Just the News, No Noise” that his experience in international business is an invaluable asset for the presidency. Positioning himself as an “outsider,” Roberts said all the other candidates running for the Republican nomination have the “same ideology,” attended the same schools, and are cut from the “same cloth.” 

Decrying the division and hate in the country that comes from partisan politics, Roberts said he would seek to unite the country by being “president for all.” 

Roberts is not a well-known GOP hopeful, garnering little or no attention from the press. 

His press conference announcing his candidacy gained attention for a more embarrassing reason, namely, his slow reaction after his pregnant wife Rebecca fainted during his speech.