Dangerous New “Psychodrama” Is Hitting Western Society Hard

(PresidentialHill.com)- Oliver Dowden, the co-chairman of Britain’s Conservative Party, has indicated that he understands the concerns about Woke extremism. It’s a good sign that the British Conservatives, a party that often bows to left-wing radicals on issues like immigration and Islamic extremism, understands that the radical Left really is going too far.

During a speech on Monday at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C, Dowden said that while attention should be focused on external foes, the West has “entered this period of extreme introspection and self-criticism.”

“The US and the UK may certainly be very different societies, but we are joined by the same fundamental values,” he said. “Neither of us can afford the luxury of indulging in this painful woke psychodrama.”

Woke psychodrama. That’s a great new term.

He even laid into Critical Race Theory and the implications of teaching people that they are inherently racist, stating that it is robbing our countries of our self-confidence.

His comments come at a time when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is also the leader of the Conservative Party, faces intense pressure to resign over police investigations into private parties he hosted at his official residence during the height of 2020’s COVID lockdowns.

Dowden’s strong remarks on Woke extremism is quite unlike anything anyone else in the Conservative Party is saying in the UK right now and could be some indication that he is considering a run for leadership.

Left-wing newspaper The Guardian also suggested that the Conservative Party may be testing the waters to see if they can make this topic a key campaigning point in the next general election.

If they do, and if they win, it should be yet another sign to left-wingers in Britain that the British voters don’t want the kind of Woke politics seen in the United States.