DA Tells Judge to Take It Easy on Looters

To an observer of American politics, it would come as no surprise if an individual made an assertion that the state of modern affairs in cities across the union would be is volatile at best. Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in early 2020 and the murder of George Floyd rocked the nation, urban centers across America have been centers of unrest, violence, instability and downright lawlessness. In New York City, violent crime in major categories has risen 22% since 2021.

Another city plagued by crime is Philadelphia. Known by the nickname the “City of Brotherly Love”, visitors to the Pennsylvania metropolis quickly become aware that the people of the city as well as the conditions are a bit rude and hostile. The city has been plagued by an increase in crime since Larry Krasner became the District Attorney. Krasner is a progressive Democrat who has implemented radical leftist policies aiming to lessen penalties for some “low level” criminal offenses and undermine the ability of law enforcement to apprehend and penalize wrongdoers. George Soros, an affluent and well-known far left activist gave millions to Krasner’s campaign.

Recently, looting, robbing, and vandalism has plagued the city. Krasner has called for judges and members of the judiciary to be “lenient”, on those involved with looting. Fox News reported Krasner as claiming that all individuals who commit acts of looting “are not the same” and that some are even “law abiding”. It is quite alarming and simply ridiculous that the District Attorney of one of the major cities in the northeast holds this insane mindset. The highest ranking prosecuting official in the city is blatantly and clearly refusing to prosecute individuals for criminal offenses that destroy the livelihood and well-being of city residents and business owners. Krasner accused some judges of having the view that a “caste system” exists in America- where people of a certain background are unfairly prosecuted in comparison to others.