Crime No Longer Considered A “Murder-Suicide”

( Wednesday’s shooting deaths of two police officers in Mississippi and the woman who killed them are no longer being called a murder-suicide.

According to authorities, Amy Brogdon Anderson did not kill herself after killing two police officers in Mississippi. Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell said that the bullet that killed Anderson was fired by Officer Branden Estorffe, whose weapon discharged simultaneously with Anderson’s.

Anderson checked into Motel 6 around 2:35 AM with her eight-year-old daughter and three dogs. However, an hour later, she requested that the front desk contact the police because she thought someone was following her, according to Tindell. After talking with Anderson for almost forty minutes, when they arrived at the motel an hour later, Officers Estorffe and Steven Robin called Child Protective Services out of concern for the child’s welfare, according to Tindell.

Ms. Anderson appeared to be attempting to leave the hotel while loading her car. According to him, they tried to keep her there until Child Protective Services could show up.

The situation then took a lethal turn.

Anderson killed Robin from her car, then engaged Estorffe in a firefight in which they fatally wounded the other while Anderson’s 8-year-old daughter was in the backseat.

After the shooting, a hotel guest saw the child, who was covered in blood, walking around the SUV and took her into her own room to keep her safe while more police arrived.

According to reports, the girl said, “Moma told me people are trying to kill us.”

We loved her very much, but unfortunately she was a very troubled person, Anderson’s former mother-in-law Sylvia Brogdon told the New York Post.

“It was a problem with mental illness. She was, however, a good mother and a vet. If you could see her children, you would know she was a good mother and that she loved her job. When a good person does something like this, all the good is wiped out, and people only see the bad. It’s so terrible.”

An autopsy and toxicology reports have been requested to ascertain whether drugs played a part in the incident.