Couple Arrested For “Pimping Out” Their Adopted Children

( A gay couple in Georgia has been arrested and accused of abusing and “pimping out” their adopted children, according to The Daily Caller. Zachary and William Zulock were arrested in July after police in Oxford reportedly received a tip.

An investigation into the couple began shortly after, according to KKTV. Detectives said that they found evidence that the Zulocks had been abusing and filming having relations with their adopted children, who are two siblings. They were 4th and 3rd graders when their adoptive parents were arrested.

Court documents reveal that the abuse began in 2019, a year after the children were adopted from the Christian adoption agency, All God’s Children, Inc, which is now out of business, according to Fox News.

The couple has been indicted on 17 counts, which allege that they performed fellatio on the boys and forced the boys to perform it on each other. Videos of the abuse began to circulate online and showed the Zulocks soliciting other men to take part. The two men who participated, Hunter Clay Lawless, 27, and Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, 25, were named in the indictment.

Lawless reportedly told police that Zachary Zulock has sent him messages through Snapchat, telling him to “be prepared” to receive explicit images and videos of the abuse. Authorities then corroborated his testimony after finding a folder on Zachary’s phone with the content.

During a recorded interview, Zachary allegedly admitted that the explicit material was sent to “less than a dozen people.” William also admitted to the abuse and told police what he had done to one of the 11-year-old boys.

The Zulocks have been indicted by a grand jury on charges of the exploitation of children, among others. If found guilty and convicted, they could each face up to nine life sentences. The couple has pleaded not guilty.