Congresswoman’s “Jewish Space Lasers” Comment Leads To Backlash

( On Thursday, the Republican-led chamber decided to kick Omar out of the House Foreign Affairs Committee after some said she was antisemitic for claiming that the Republican Party’s support for Israel was funded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). She famously said it is “all about the Benjamins.”

This has caused Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Jewish space lasers” scandal to resurface after Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a ferocious speech from the House floor on behalf of Omar.

On Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez spoke out to defend her “Squad” colleague from the House floor and accused Republicans of being racist against women of color. She charged the GOP of being hypocritical for appointing Greene to the choice committee despite her prior backing for the antisemitic “space lasers” remarks.

Don’t tell me that this is about denouncing antisemitic slurs when a Republican caucus member has mentioned Jewish space lasers and a variety of other tropes, said Ocasio-Cortez. She was also promoted to some of the top committee positions in this organization.

After submitting her resignation from the Senate in January 2019, Omar apologized. She said she was previously unaware of the “truth that there are cliches about Jews and money” during an appearance on CNN last Sunday.

AOC, however, said that she “didn’t receive a single apology” when her “life was threatened” when GOP Representative Paul Gosar released an animated video showing her being slain with a sword in 2021. “This is about attacking women of color in the United States of America,” she said.

Many others who condemned Omar’s dismissal shared on Twitter Ocasio- Cortez’s assertions about Greene’s alleged antisemitism, Republican racism, and hypocrisy.

Political strategist and analyst Ana Navarro-Cardena, tweeted, “I don’t like or agree w/#IlhanOmar.” “She’s said -and apologized for- awful things. But it’s a new level of hypocrisy to kick her off committees, & keep a pathological liar who pretended to be Jewish & a kook who belittled the Yellow Star & blamed Jewish space lasers for forest 🔥!”

Comedian Kristina Wong responded to a tweet from Greene that said, “the Democrats detest it when you push them to live according to their own standards” by writing, “Our Jewish Space lasers believe differently.”

The removal of Omar from House committees, according to Greene’s communications director Nick Dyer, is “all that counts,” and claims about “Jewish space lasers” are “fake news.”

It’s a term that a fake news reporter dreamed up, Dyer claimed. “She never made that claim. All that counts is that Ilhan Omar is no longer a member of committees.”