College Student Gets A Zero For Using 2 Words

A college student, Olivia, posted a Tik Tok video that has since gone viral because it perfectly illustrates the idiocy of wokeness. She turned in an exemplary final project paper to her professor, yet, she received a zero. (Olivia does not give her last name, nor does she provide the name of the college or the professor.)

According to the teacher, the “A-quality” paper was tainted by Olivia’s use of the term  “biological woman.” 

Her professor, she claimed, told her that the word was “exclusionary.” The professor acknowledged that the paper had merit but stated that “biological women” could not be used in the classroom since it promoted heteronormativity.

Even more notably, the student recalled that the professor graded her work as “good” except for one term.

The student explained that the focus of her research was on transgender people engaging in sports traditionally reserved for biological females.

Olivia has released numerous additional videos expanding on her first explanation of the situation at her school.

She claimed her professor told her in a meeting that she was being transphobic when she used the term “’biological woman.”

Those who do so are peddling T.E.R.F. ideology.  TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminism. The professor explains that a TERF is a woman who fights for women’s rights but excludes transgender women because they think that trans are damaging women’s rights. 

Olivia reported the incident to the school’s Equal Opportunity Office.

In addition, Olivia said that the instructor urged her to change the topic of her paper so that it centered on “women” rather than “females” to accommodate the instructor’s political agenda of demonstrating that anybody may identify as a woman.

Parents and students often take out loans for hundreds of thousands of dollars and pay for the privilege of being told their ideas and beliefs are unwanted and merit a zero.