CNN Pollster Says What We’re All Thinking

( Last week, Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson suggested that Democrats may regret helping to boost so-called “fringe” Republican primary candidates given the GOP’s chances of retaking Congress in November.

During the primary season, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee spent millions promoting Republican primary challengers that the Democrats believe they will have a better chance of defeating in the general election.

Most notably, the DCCC spent $435,000 attacking Michigan incumbent Republican Rep. Peter Meijer in favor of his primary challenger John Gibbs. Gibbs defeated Meijer in the Michigan primary last month.

During CNN’s “The Lead” last Tuesday, host Jake Tapper asked Anderson if she thought the Democrat Party’s interference in the Republican primaries might backfire on them.

Anderson said the argument Democrats are making is that they will have the upper hand if they can help a weaker candidate win the primary. But, she added, “they are playing with fire” especially considering the Republicans are heavily favored in November.

Anderson also suggested that the Democrat strategy to elect so-called “election denying” Republicans smacks of hypocrisy.

She said Democrats can’t portray these Republicans as a “threat to democracy” who must be stopped while at the same time helping them win primaries. She said if Democrats insist on holding these two contradictory positions, they don’t get to be so self-righteous about it.

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