CNN is Asking Potential Guests Some Very Personal Questions

( For over a year, CNN has been asking potential guests and contributors to fill out a multi-page questionnaire that includes some personal questions.

The questionnaire, which is strictly voluntary, queries potential on-air guests on things like their political ideology, race, sexual orientation, so-called “gender identity, religion, nationality, and possible disability.

In addition to the more standard answers like Liberalism, Conservatism, or Progressivism, among the possible multiple choice answers for “Political Ideology” are things like Maoism, Marxism, Leninism, and Nazism.

According to CNN, the questionnaire, which was launched more than a year ago, is to make sure that CNN books guests that have a variety of “voices and perspectives” and to “ensure diversity in our bookings.”

The purpose is to assist bookers in choosing the appropriate guest for any given on-air discussion.

CNN reiterated that the questionnaire is voluntary and potential guests are not required to fill it out.