CNN Commentator Says It’s Time For Biden To Retire

Following the release of a survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College on Tuesday, Van Jones of CNN said that President Joe Biden should seriously consider retiring.

The survey revealed that Trump had a significant edge over Biden in five of the six crucial swing states. In the margin of error, Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin.

Jones said Biden has an uphill battle. He claimed it was challenging because the economy was heading in the right way. He is supposed to be doing great with his base. Jones said that, based on his accomplishments, he deserves a spot on Mount Rushmore and should he retire today.

Many political analysts have speculated that Biden should get out of the race.

David Axelrod of CNN remarked on X that the choice ultimately rests with President Joe Biden. He will be the Democrat Party’s nominee if he keeps running. Whether or not that is prudent, whether or not it serves his or the nation’s best interests, is a question he must answer.

A report shows that second-term Minnesota Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips remarked on Meet the Press that although he likes Biden, he thinks it’s time for him to pass the baton.

Phillips’ voting record was identical to that of President Joe Biden. Phillips had spent months actively lobbying Biden not to run for reelection, arguing Biden was not in a strong enough position to beat Trump.

In October, the 54-year-old multimillionaire made headlines by challenging President Joe Biden in the primary. The threat seems to be emerging because of the President’s age (80).

It had been reported in July that Phillips was contemplating a candidacy, but he did not make any official announcements. In his September newsletter, Phillips pushed Cornel West and other prospective third-party candidates to oppose Biden in the Democrat primary.