CNN Changes Could Make It A Fox News Replacement

( According to a report in The Hill, the recent changes at CNN have prompted some in the media to believe the new corporate ownership is moving the cable news channel to the political right, a claim CNN strongly denies.

The departure of some high-profile on-air personalities along with the shift in tone in CNN’s political coverage has led some to question CNN’s denials.

CNN’s fans on the Left have grown irritated by the criticisms of the Biden administration from on-air personalities.

After “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar criticized the White House for using Marines as props during Biden’s blood-red backdrop speech in Philly, pro-Biden fans were furious. But nobody was more upset than the White House.

Several White House officials, already mourning the dismissal of CNN’s pro-Biden reporter John Harwood, blasted Keilar for daring to criticize the optics of Biden’s speech.

After CNN fired Brian Stelter and canceled his laughingly-named “Reliable Sources,” Matt Gertz of Media Matters, the far-left phony media watchdog group that relies on CNN to regurgitate its press releases, was furious.

Gertz accused CNN’s new owners of trying to get rid of the people who “are seen as too critical of Donald Trump and Fox News.” He also complained about the CNN staffers who are “making a sort of display of criticizing Joe Biden.”

But in a statement to The Hill, CNN denied the claim that the network was moving to the right or becoming “centrist,” arguing the goal is to present “objective journalism” in a “fair and compelling way.” Doing that, CNN said, isn’t being “centrist” but practicing journalism.

CNN maintains that it will continue to present different “worldviews and experiences” while it stands up “for democracy” and calls out lies, “regardless of their origin.”

Part of the problem for the Left is that unbiased journalism is now viewed as “right-wing propaganda.” To them, the only real journalism is activism and anyone who veers away from being an open activist for the Democrat Party is engaging in so-called Fox News-style “far-right propaganda.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s on-air changes continue.

On Thursday, the network announced that Don Lemon is losing his primetime show and being moved to mornings. Lemon will co-host a new morning show that will replace the low-rated “New Day” along with Poppy Harlow and former White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.