CNN Airs Secret Recording Of Kevin McCarthy

( A new secret recording was released that shows a former officer of the Capitol Police lashing out at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about members of the Republican Party who’ve downplayed what happened during the Capitol riot, including former President Donald Trump.

The recordings were providing to CNN by Michael Fanone, a former officer for the Metropolitan Police Department who now serves as an analyst for CNN on law enforcement matters. He made the recordings while he was having private conversations with McCarthy.

They are only being released now, most likely, because Fanone is just about to release a new book he wrote called “Hold the Line: The Insurrection and One Cop’s Battle for America’s Soul.”

The book is being described as a memoir, and will apparently detail the experience Fanone and his other officers had after being attacked during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. It’s also expected to detail the political fallout that Fanone has witnessed since the attacks.

In the first recording that CNN aired earlier this week, Fanone is meeting with McCarthy while being accompanied by the parents of Brian Sicknick, the Metro Police officer who died not long after the attack.

In that recording, Fanone lashes out at Republican Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia, who demands that McCarthy take action on Republican members of Congress who are either spreading lies or minimizing the attack. Fanone then comments:

“What I see happening here is I see lawmakers who don’t believe that January 6 is politically advantageous to them. Nobody buys it. It’s crap. It’s crap. It’s disgraceful.”

Additional audio released by CNN shows Fanone urging the minority leader in the House to take the Capitol riot seriously. He also requested that he appoint “serious people” to the House’s select committee investigating the attacks.

This conversation happened before McCarthy nominated five Republicans to join the committee, two of which — Jim Banks from Indiana and Jim Jordan from Ohio — were rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When that happened, McCarthy withdrew his five nominees, and Pelosi named all members of the committee herself.

Her two choices were both Republicans who voted to impeach Trump — Liz Cheney from Wyoming, who lost her primary re-election bid this year, and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who is retiring from the House.

A final clip that CNN aired showed Fanone again going off on McCarthy about how Trump responded to the riot that day. This came after a phone call that McCarthy had with Trump where he begged him to call off the people attacking the Capitol building.

In the clip, Fanone says:

“The president’s statements that day were BS. You know. You were on the phone with him. While you were on the phone with him, I was getting the sh*t kicked out of me, almost losing my life. The way that he … saying this is what happens when you steal an election. Go home. I love you. What the f*** is that? That came from the president of the United States!”