CIA’s Push For Mind-Control Weapons And Other Tech Revealed 

( During World War II, Dr. Stanley Lovell, a prominent industrial chemist, was assigned as the head of research and development at the newly founded Office of Strategic Services (OSS), established in June 1942, to coordinate the espionage efforts of the armed forces.  

The “En-Pen,” a single-shot handgun disguised as a pen or cigarette, and the “Umbrella Gun” were also innovations by Lovell. He was proud of his ‘Beano’ grenade design. Unlike the standard pineapple-shaped form, the Beano was explicitly created for throwing. An Army civilian engineer threw one into the air, caught it, and detonated himself during testing at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground. 

Lovell also invented the “bat bomb,” which consisted of capturing bats and fitting them with little incendiary explosives before releasing them into enemy territory. They also devised various medications (A-pills, B-pills, E-pills, H-pills, K-pills, and L-pills) for spies to take, depending on the circumstances. Along with Lovell, the United States Army established Camp Detrick near Frederick, Maryland, in 1943 as the nation’s primary biological warfare base.  

The OSS’s “Natural Causes” program was created to eliminate enemy operatives with no evidence of foul conduct. Methods used included injecting air embolisms into a vein and fatal suppositories that caused a high body temperature for a long time. 

The OSS’s chemical engineer, Ernest Crocker of the Maryland Research Laboratory, could recreate almost any scent. Lovell requested him to develop a feculent odor that could be given out to Chinese boys so that it would seem like they had soiled themselves.  

After the war, President Harry Truman established the Central Intelligence Group, which would later become the Central Intelligence Agency, while the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) would be dismantled. To test the effects of LSD on human behavior, Sidney Gottlieb oversaw the controversial new MKULTRA project to research mind control on unknowing individuals. 

Heroin, morphine, mescaline, psilocybin, and temazepam were also used in his experiments; some of these were given to him while he was under hypnosis. More than seven thousand servicemen and women were employed in Gottlieb’s unethical human experiments without their permission or understanding of the nature of the work being done on them. In the same vein as Stanley Lovell, Gottlieb was involved in wartime espionage and plotted to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro using techniques more often associated with James Bond villains. He also managed everything from lasers that could pick up sound from the tremor of a windowpane to portable key photocopiers.  

Physical or mental, the justification for these weapons was that everyone else used them too, and when at war – anything goes.