CIA Operative Does A U-Turn After Assaulting 26 Women

( Because he suffers from erectile problems, a former CIA officer who pled guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting at least 26 women while on assignment abroad now claims he couldn’t have done everything of which he is accused.

Brian Jeffrey Raymond was arrested in La Mesa, California, on October 9, 2020. After abruptly returning to the United States from his undercover assignment at the US Embassy in Mexico City, the “seasoned sexual predator,” as prosecutors defined him, had been living with his parents in his childhood village. According to a source close to the case, the CIA launched an internal administrative investigation after Raymond’s arrest, and he resigned from the agency shortly after.

The heinous accusations against Raymond, 45, originate from an incident in late May 2020, when a passerby saw a “naked, terrified woman anxiously begging for aid” on the terrace of a US government-leased residence in Mexico City. In Raymond’s bed, investigators uncovered over 500 images and videos of unconscious women. Prosecutors said he could be seen holding the women’s eyes wide, swinging their lifeless limbs and legs around, or putting his fingers in their mouths to prove that they were passed out cold in other photos.

Raymond pleaded guilty to sexual abuse and transporting obscene material in July and faced a 13 to 27 years in federal prison when he was sentenced in November. Upon release, he would have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. In a motion filed on April 29 to withdraw his guilty plea, Raymond’s lawyers made a unique argument—among others—as to why the experienced spook now wants to back out of the arrangement.

One of Raymond’s more than two dozen victims, a Mexican national who worked at a call center, is at the core of the abrupt about-face. After drinking some wine and liquor that Raymond had poured for her, she became violently ill and blacked out. The lady, known in court papers as Adult Victim 7 or “AV-7” and Complainant #7, claimed she awoke naked in Raymond’s bed the following day without memory of taking her clothes off.
The woman told detectives that she and Raymond then had consensual sex, but she became queasy again in the middle of it and went to the restroom to compose herself. She noticed a used condom on the vanity from the previous night, but she couldn’t recall having sex with Raymond.

Agents later uncovered 77 photos and four films of the woman, unconscious, on Raymond’s phone. According to court documents, Raymond opened her eyelid and pulled down her lower lip, placed his fingers in her mouth, and took closeups of her breasts and genitals.

When agents showed AV-7 the photos, she said she “was unaware of any photographs and videos from that evening, never had any conversations with Raymond about photographs or videos, did not consent to them being taken, and did not consent to Raymond touching her body while she was unconscious,” according to a search warrant affidavit filed Dec. 31, 2020, by FBI Special Agent Erin L. Sheridan.

Raymond stated on Friday that it couldn’t have happened the way prosecutors allege it did after admitting to it all in July 2021.

According to the motion, Raymond has an enlarged prostate, for which he has been taking dutasteride, a medicine sold under the brand name Avodart, “for years.” Erectile dysfunction is one of the adverse effects of Dutasteride. According to the lawsuit, Raymond utilized Cialis, prescription medicine in the same family as Viagra and Levitra, to combat this.

“As a person with ED, Mr. Raymond has a long refractory period (the time between ejaculation and when he can again acquire an erection),” according to the motion. “As a result, he claims that he couldn’t have had sex with Complainant #7 to the point of ejaculation during the night (as supposedly proven by a used condom in the toilet) and then had consensual intercourse with Complainant #7 in the morning, which he certainly did because both he and she recall it.”