CIA Doctor Infected With Same Illness He Was Investigating

( After contracting ‘Havana Syndrome’ while in Cuba to look into the enigmatic, incapacitating symptoms being reported by U.S. diplomats, a CIA doctor recalls experiencing “disbelief.”

Dr. Paul Andrews, who spoke to CNN under an alias to protect his identity, recalled the morning following his first night in Havana to look into allegations of the illness in 2017. He recalled sitting on the side of the bed and experiencing strange symptoms. He  wondered if it was a dream.

According to the article, Havana syndrome is known as AHI (anomalous health incidents). It is brain damage characterized by balance issues, nausea, and generalized mental fog.

Just two months after the initial claims in the summer of 2017, Andrews traveled to Cuba to conduct an investigation. He described that he awoke unexpectedly around 5 a.m. with right ear discomfort, nausea, and a splitting headache. There was a clicking sound that he had previously only heard on audio tapes describing the alleged “pulsed electromagnetic energy” transmissions.

Andrews said that he tried wearing headphones in the bathroom for 45 minutes, but the symptoms persisted. He left the hotel at 6 a.m. despite having trouble opening doors, short-term memory loss, and dizziness while fumbling with his credit card and ID.

The CIA and the medical community have not been able to determine the origins or causes of it, despite the fact that other reports have identical accounts.

In the interview, Andrews bemoaned the CIA’s handling of the situation. He explained that the problem persisted no matter what he did or said.  Sometimes he doesn’t want to leave the house because he knows it will make him feel sick.

He remarked that he definitely learned more about the condition than he had anticipated.

The CIA has applied many morally offensive experiments against the public, and its employees, that are documented. No one would be surprised if Havana Syndrome were theirs.