Christie Sounds Alarm On Trump’s ‘Worst’ Act

Chris Christie, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, brought attention to what he considers to be the most serious claim contained in recent reporting against Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the former governor of New Jersey said in an interview with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto that the worst aspect of the report is not, believe it or not, that his to-do lists were written on the back of secret documents. The worst thing that happened was when he called the assistant right before she was scheduled to appear before the grand jury and told her (hint hint) that she didn’t know anything about his boxes of documents.

Christie said that is direct interference with the testimony of a witness. That is a deliberate attempt to hinder the administration of justice.

According to a report broadcast by ABC News on Monday, a longtime assistant to the former president told federal investigators that Trump scrawled to-do lists for her on White House documents that displayed secret markings.

After learning that the FBI intended to interrogate the former staffer Molly Michael a year ago, Trump allegedly told her, “You don’t know anything about the boxes.”

The reports that ABC News presented on Tuesday were supported by the New York Times.

A spokeswoman for Trump told reporters that the story does not provide the “necessary context” and that Trump “did nothing wrong.”

In March, Trump was charged hundreds of charges related to the alleged improper handling of secret documents. At the time, Trump was the leading candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party to be president.

In addition to this accusation, he is said to have obstructed the investigation and the efforts made to obtain the records stored at his estate in Florida called Mar-a-Lago.

Trump entered a plea of not guilty to all of the allegations against him.