Chinese Spy Balloon Moved To Top Secret Location

( Beijing’s intelligence activities have long relied heavily on the balloon. This particular balloon sparked a sensational spying scandal that deteriorated relations between China and the United States. But it’s business as usual for the “always on the attack” communist nation.

The Chinese surveillance balloon shot down by a US fighter aircraft off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday was made at a facility located at a naval base on a far-flung island in the Communist country.

The Chinese military has deployed balloons into the airspace competing with geopolitical states, including Japan, India, and the Philippines.

The Pentagon said that at least four other balloons had been found above US airspace in Hawaii, Florida, Texas, and Guam, with three discoveries occurring while Donald Trump was president.

According to a senior official, China’s airship program marks a “huge effort” under its espionage initiatives. The program is situated in the Yulin Naval Base on the southern Chinese island of Hainan.

The number of surveillance balloons the Chinese military has is unknown to intelligence authorities. When asked how many recent sightings had been, an official responded with “dozens.”

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Charlie “Tuna” Moore explained why using a balloon for espionage is preferable to employing advanced technology. Satellites often have a few seconds to snap photos of their intended destinations. A balloon has time.

According to US authorities, the balloon had rudders and propellers.

We find it challenging to think it is a civilian weather balloon, said a Beijing-based Asian military official, “based on the U.S. briefing, our knowledge of such balloons, and the fact that China has so far failed to identify the corporation or organization that owns this balloon.”

The details were consistent with what the Pentagon had previously told journalists, according to which the balloons were a component of a Chinese airborne fleet that had also infringed on the sovereignty of other nations.

The debris already collected was being hauled by small boats to a few area locations, including a Coast Guard station south of Myrtle Beach, and, depending on the size, will eventually go either to the FBI lab at Quantico, Virginia, or other sites where experts can analyze it said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to provide details of an ongoing military operation.