Chinese Propagandists Release Report Using Holocaust As Secret Weapon

( The Communist Chinese are so determined to shield themselves from any public criticism during the Beijing Olympics, one writer from the state-run propaganda outlet China Daily was willing to accuse the Holocaust Memorial Museum of downplaying … the Holocaust.

In a tweeted video from its account, the Holocaust Memorial Museum compared the propaganda surrounding the 2022 Beijing Winter Games to that used by the Nazis during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It also compared China’s persecution of ethnic minorities to Nazi Germany’s persecution of the Jews.

And since China Daily and its writers are constantly monitoring Twitter for any sign of criticism, Chen Weihua, a columnist for the state-run outlet, landed on the museum’s tweet like white on rice.

In his columns for China Daily, Chen regularly downplays and denies the claims ethnic minorities are persecuted in China. And in his tweeted reply to the museum, Chen fell back on one common defense, namely that the Uyghurs in China are used as slave labor at all. Instead, they are receiving “vocational training.”

Chen accused the Holocaust Museum of downplaying the Nazi Holocaust as nothing more than the Jews were receiving “vocational training.”

The snippy columnist then pointed out that during World War Two, over 30,000 Jews sought refuge in Shanghai and accused the museum of not showing the appropriate “appreciation to the Chinese people.”

But Shanghai was not under the control of the Chinese Communist Party during World War Two. Shanghai was controlled by the Chinese Nationalists until 1937 when the city was captured by the Japanese who occupied Shanghai until the end of the war. Funny how Chen glossed right over those facts.

Fortunately, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind was on hand to set Chen straight. In a reply to his tweet, Hikind suggested Chen believes the pre-Maoist Shanghai doing the right thing and saving 30,000 Jews somehow gives the Communist Chinese “carte blanche to operate concentration camps” and persecute the Uyghurs.

Unwilling to take the loss, Chen then decided to turn his sights on Hikind, describing Hikind as “ignorant,” “brainwashed and fooled.”

If Chen is like the rest of the CCP’s state-controlled Twitter trolls, he likely capped off his hissy fit by blocking both Hikind and the Holocaust Memorial Museum.