Chinese Agents Have A Tool To Spy On People

( It was reported last month that Chinese researchers claim to have patented a device capable of reading the minds of men and detecting if they are watching porn.

Were these Chinese researchers made up entirely of bitter, angry women stuck in unhappy marriages?

According to the South China Morning Post, the patented prototype helmet is supposed to detect the brainwaves that get triggered whenever someone is exposed to lewd content. The purpose of the device is to help Chinese authorities enforce laws prohibiting citizens from looking at porn.

The researchers tested the helmet on 15 male university students who were placed in front of a computer screen with the helmet on where they viewed innocuous images and lewd images. Whenever a lewd image was displayed, the device set off an alarm that was supposedly triggered by the detected porn-specific brainwaves.

The study was conducted by Xu Jianjun, the director of the electrical engineering department at Beijing Jiaotong University. Xu described the prototype helmet as a device “for bad information detection.”

According to the results of his study, the researchers say the device is 80 percent accurate. It is also supposedly capable of filtering out the other signals that might trigger brainwaves when people experience emotions unrelated to viewing porn.

Here’s the funny part.

Since porn is illegal in China, the researchers had a heck of a time collecting the lewd images they used for their research. When they finally found the explicit images necessary, they had to be redacted and censored to stay within the law.

Well, that’s certainly a wrinkle.

China maintains an army of censors known as “porn appraisers” whose job it is to comb social media and flag any content deemed in violation of the law, which, when you think about it, is the perfect job for someone who enjoys porn.

China has reportedly been investing in other mind-reading research projects as well. The People’s Liberation Army has funded the development of a mind-reading helmet capable of communicating with smart weapons