China To Crackdown Online

( On Tuesday, China’s internet regulator pledged to tamp down on online comments that tarnish the image of enterprises and entrepreneurs as part of a more extensive state campaign to promote the private sector and encourage economic growth.

During a press event, Cyberspace Administration of China official Shen Yue said that “malicious comments” against firms and entrepreneurs, particularly “private enterprises and entrepreneurs,” occasionally surface, inflicting harm to the brand image of enterprises.

According to Shen, it also prevents firms from producing and operating normally, which causes financial losses.

Shen claims the government would severely crack down on unlawful online operations that purposely harm the image and character of companies and businessmen and even solicit “illegal benefits” from them.

This initiative will control the “online chaos” of producing and disseminating misleading information and safeguard the legitimate interests of internet companies and entrepreneurs.

According to Shen, the proper authorities will promptly follow applicable laws and regulations to correct erroneous online information about firms and address “online infringements” involving company owners.

After a two-year regulatory crackdown, Chinese authorities have made various promises to private enterprises in recent weeks to win back their trust.

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba, and he has traveled back to China after living overseas for over a year, a move many in his sector saw as a reflection of the bleak outlook for China’s private firms. The incoming premier reportedly reached out to Ma because of this.

The new Chinese Premier, Li Qiang, tried to reassure the private sector at his first media conference earlier this month by promising to enhance the environment for entrepreneurial enterprises and to treat all businesses fairly. That was his first time out in public since becoming an officer.

Li claims that company owners are on edge because of “incorrect” comments made by members of society against private enterprises.