China Orders Mass Arrest Of Suspected Protestors

( The Chinese Communist Party is quietly but ruthlessly rounding up and imprisoning ringleaders in the massive statewide protests against dictator Xi Jinping’s coronavirus lockdowns.

As Xi imprisoned Chinese residents in their homes, quarantined neighborhoods, and locked down entire cities, he often did not check if the millions under house arrest had enough food or medicine.

No matter how hard the dictatorship tried to hide the exact number of illnesses and deaths, the populace grew more frustrated with constant lockdowns and a pandemic while the rest of the world moved on from the Chinese coronavirus.

A tragic apartment fire in Urumqi, the capital of East Turkistan, home to the oppressed Uyghur Muslims, ignited this fuel of anger in late November. The Uyghurs had long felt Xi’s lockdown tactics were cruel, and now they watched families plead for aid from a quarantine-sealed building while a fire vehicle sprayed water from beyond lockdown street barricades.

The Chinese Communist Party blamed foreign instigators for the massive anti-lockdown protests, as with all public outrage. Chinese security officials have arrested at least eight people in a desperate search for scapegoats, including a young Beijing editor who recorded a farewell video before being taken.

The editor, kidnapped from her family home in Changsha, Hunan, on Christmas Eve, organized a Beijing vigil for Urumqi fire victims, which got the attention of Chinese police.

A similar vigil in Shanghai on November 26 turned into an angry demonstration calling for Xi to resign, so the police seem to be targeting anyone they can portray as a vigil organizer for arrest as a subversive, even though the Beijing woman simply left flowers and poetry at an improvised shrine for the dead.

A tech worker named “Doa” said she was tagged and identified by the police even though she spent just half an hour at a protest on November 28 and didn’t use her cell phone.

Police in China may have manually sorted through the numbers of every cell phone pinging a tower near the protests to discover dissidents.

Chinese “Little Pink” nationalists are accusing anti-lockdown demonstrators of betrayal and blaming them for destroying President Xi Jinping’s “zero Covid” plan.

Lawyers are urged to avoid protester defendants, delivering a message that none can anticipate a fair trial.