China Is Barring Journalists From Covering A Specific Story

( The Chinese Communist Party barred journalists from reporting on the 25th anniversary of the United Kingdom giving Hong Kong to China. The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) reportedly made the announcement when multiple local and international media outlets were prohibited from covering the event, including Reuters, Bloomberg News, AFP, and the South China Morning Post.

This came as a surprise to the HKJA chair, who said that some of these outlets give deference to the CCP. They expressed “utmost regretover the “rigid reporting arrangements made by the authorities for such a major event” and said the decision to bar them from this story “seriously undermines press freedom in Hong Kong,” adding that this would cause global attention.

But does the CCP actually care about “press freedom?”

The Hong Kong government has not responded to inquiries regarding the ban, but the announcement follows another restriction placed on journalists in the country. Hong Kong’s Information Services Department (ISD) also announced that only one journalist would be permitted to attend the Hong Kong 25 ceremonies. Usually, 20 journalists from each outlet would be allowed to attend, a significant downsize this year.

The regime claims that the restrictions have been imposed because of COVID-19, which the government has been cracking down on for many months as the virus made a resurgence. Security measures are ramping up amid the event in an effort to keep the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping safe.

The skies were declared a “no-fly zone” amid Xi’s arrival and coronavirus protocols have reportedly intensified, resulting in increased lockdown and heavy mandatory testing, despite the fact that “there have only been a couple of new cases a day.”

Assistant police commissioner Lui Kam-ho urged citizens to comply with the measures, despite them being an “inconvenience.”

“Comply with the latest anti-epidemic and social distancing requirements in accordance with the relevant regulations,” he said.

Breitbart reports that the regime is using the virus as an excuse to cripple the city ahead of Xi’s arrival. Talk about paranoia, which does tend to be characteristic of totalitarian regimes.