CDC Lied About Secretly Collecting Data On Americans

( The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can’t seem to get its story straight.

Contrary to what the CDC claimed in early 2021, the agency claimed in a recent FOIA request response that it has not been performing data mining analysis and surveillance to detect adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines.

In a January 29, 2021 document, the CDC said it would perform a data mining analysis of vaccine safety called “Proportional Reporting Ratio” and would conduct routine surveillance of the data which it would log into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

The purpose of the data mining and surveillance was to detect adverse events that occur at higher-than-expected rates.

However, according to a June 16 letter to the Children’s Health Defense, little of what the CDC said it would perform has been done.

In a Freedom of Information Act request, Children’s Health Defense asked for all data generated in connection with the CDC’s data mining of adverse COVID vaccine events along with copies of other data.

But in his letter of response, CDC records officer Roger Andoh said no Proportional Report Ratios were conducted by the CDC.

Andoh wrote that CDC staff within the Immunization and Safety Office said any data mining is outside of the CDC’s purview and suggested that Children’s Health Defense direct their request to the Food and Drug Administration which is tasked with conducting a different data mining method.

In a letter to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said the disclosure in Andoh’s letter “raises questions” as to whether or not the CDC ever collected the data on vaccine safety as it originally said it would.

Risa Evans from Children’s Health Defense said in a statement to The Epoch Times that Andoh’s response to CHD’s FOIA request makes it clear that the CDC has not done the Proportional Report Ratios and does not have a responsibility to do so.

Meanwhile, despite Andoh’s letter, the CDC maintains that, along with the FDA, the agency has been performing vaccine safety data mining and has identified “potential vaccine safety concerns in a timely and effective manner.”