Candidate Killed In Car Crash Hours Before Election

( Velma Hendrix worked tirelessly as the mayor of a small Louisianan town at the age of 84. She ran for reelection this year since she enjoyed her job so much. The campaign then abruptly ended on election day.

She was killed in a car accident just hours after the Melville polls opened.

According to Louisiana State Police, on November 8, Hendrix was a passenger in the backseat of a vehicle with four other persons when a pickup truck struck the car after failing to yield at an intersection. According to the police, Hendrix was not using a seat belt at the time of the collision. Despite being sent to a nearby hospital in critical condition, she “ultimately succumbed to her injuries,” according to authorities.

The driver of the pickup truck was unharmed, while the four occupants in the automobile were moderately hurt critically. According to police, the driver, Michael Cook, displayed “no symptoms of impairment” and had no alcohol in his system. The accident is still being looked into.

A community of about 1,000 inhabitants called Melville, also referred to as the “Catfish Capital of Louisiana,” is situated in the southern parish of St. Landry. Due to Hendrix’s “untimely departure,” the parish clerk announced on Facebook, the qualifying period will be extended through Monday. The person with the most votes on election day will be named the town’s next mayor if no one else, outside the current contenders, qualifies before then. However, if another candidate enters the race, a new election will be held on December 10.

The outcome of Tuesday’s election suggests that Sheila “Sam” Londerno will serve as the town’s next mayor if no other contenders meet the requirements. According to state figures, she received 52% of the votes, compared to Caretta Robertson’s 48%. Both candidates are Democrats, like Hendrix. It is unknown if Hendrix would have won based on the election results posted on the state website because they do not specify how many votes were cast in her favor.

The town’s mayor since 2018, Hendrix appears to have been involved in local events up until her passing. Photographs taken during a gathering at the end of October show her assisting with food stamps, Medicaid, and other government benefits.