Can The GOP Really Dump Donald Trump?

( The governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, has added his voice to the chorus of conservatives criticizing former President Donald Trump, reports 19FortyFive.

Thinking about running for president, Hutchinson told the Associated Press that he believed Trump’s campaign in 2024 would be “the worst scenario” for Republicans.

Particularly out of line, according to Hutchinson, are Trump’s attempts to amend the Constitution to reverse Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. After the 2020 election, Hutchinson claimed that Trump’s actions were “so out of line and out of step with America that it almost does not deserve a response.”

Hutchinson wouldn’t rule out backing Trump even if the former president won the Republican nomination, though. However, Hutchinson might try to defeat Trump for the Republican nomination. Before deciding whether to begin a presidential campaign, Hutchinson stated that he would take into account his financial backing and the public’s interest in his message.

When Trump was the de facto leader of the Republican party just two years ago, Hutchinson’s remarks would have been shocking. Trump was a bit ruthless, putting down rivals and anyone who even disapproved of him. Trump dealt with his critics without mercy, throwing them at the feet of his fervent MAGA supporters. Republicans cowered in fear, too afraid to criticize Trump or his antics for fear that doing so would be political suicide. The result was a weak Republican party that allowed Trump to exercise his power unchecked.

Clearly, the times have changed. Almost as if it were the “in thing to do,” conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to criticize Trump. Conservatives seem to be letting it all out after years of holding it inside.

Trump was criticized for putting “himself before everybody else” by Chris Christie, who oversaw his transition in 2016 before being passed over for a position in the administration. Former Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo criticized Trump for appearing on Fox News and tweeting nonstop, saying that these actions “won’t win elections.” It was time for a “younger generation to lead across the board,” according to Nikki Haley, who held the position of UN Ambassador during the Trump administration and previously declared she wouldn’t run for office again.

The avalanche of criticisms is a stark reminder of how conservatives feel about Trump. They now see him as weak and believe it is the best time to remove him from office.

Undoubtedly, the performance of Trump-backed candidates in the midterm elections played a role in the calculation. Trump supporters were annihilated in swing states, showing that he is losing favor with swing voters even in areas where Trump has won in the past. GOP rivals are now aware of the change in the wind. If Trump is going to be removed, it needs to happen immediately.