Britney Spears Makes Shocking Confession From Childhood

Britney Spears has written about the day her mother, Lynne, had her pick up garbage as a punishment for skipping school to see an older boy to whom she lost her virginity when she was 14 years old.

The 41-year-old’s revelations about being punished by her mother when she was found skipping school to visit a guy are included in her explosive new book, The Woman in Me.

A report shows the singer claims that her now-68-year-old mother was livid when she found out via Britney’s brother Bryan that she was skipping school to hang out with an older boy.

She said her mother Lynne had her pick up litter while carrying a bucket like a prisoner while her brother laughed and took photographs.

Britney also revealed in her book that she had a crush on several boys while she was in high school.

Britney had a crush on one of her elder brother’s best friends when she was in ninth grade. He was three years her senior. They began dating during his senior year in high school, and she lost her virginity to him.

She went on to say that she often saw her boyfriend throughout the school day, and she later admitted that their relationship took up a lot of her time. When the school finally called her mother, they informed her that Britney missed 17 days of school.

Her protective brother had grown to despise his friend. Bryan told their parents when he found out she was sneaking out to see his friend.

Britney Spears, who had an abortion when she was 19 while dating Justin Timberlake, has said that the experience was one of the most agonizing of her life.

According to a report, the controversial 41-year-old singer became pregnant while dating Timberlake from 1999 to 2002. Spears wrote that Timberlake was certain he didn’t want to be a father, so she had an abortion. However, she said she would have chosen differently if it were solely up to her.