Brazil Military In Firefight With Marxist Rebels

( The corrupt Brazilian Supreme Court has once again accelerated the certification of the theft by appointing Lula da Silva, a convicted Communist criminal, President.

The military has issued a call for volunteers to assist in restoring democracy in Brazil.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald criticized the Supreme Court’s censorship of elected officials and journalists.

Greenwald explained that the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) was initially scheduled to confirm the election on December 19 but moved the date up one week in response to Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution mandating military preparations against a coup.

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist of the left who resides in Brazil, reported that the Supreme Court has blocked, suspended, or banned the social media accounts of ten members of the Brazilian Congress.  Those include patriotic leaders Bia Kicis, Carlo Zambelli, and Junio Amaral.

Reports show Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Geraldo Alckmin were declared elected to the positions of president and vice president of the Republic on December 6th, in a desperate move by the TSE chair and Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

Matt Tyrmand explained to Steve Bannon on War Room that the military is being strategically deployed, and reservists are being activated.  The military is already active in the favelas, where Lula’s base is the strongest. When Lula “won,” you could hear prisoners cheering on election night.

There are rumors that Venezuela has dispatched paramilitary personnel to the favelas so that they will descend from the hills and engage the military should the situation become violent.  Supposed images of armed guerillas in the hills appear to support this claim.  Tyrmand stated that the military is proactive in firefights with these commandos and Marxist paramilitary groups.  According to the rumors, the Military has called for civilian volunteers as the Armed Forces prepare to end the theft and restore democracy.

Tyrmand concluded that the next step was for the military to draft a document outlining the reasons for action and for Bolsonaro’s chief of staff to give the order to begin arresting Supreme Court justices. The calm before the storm. The military is not communicating with any of the reputable journalists who have positive relations with them. It appears that something may be happening.

Good luck, Brazil.