Body Cam Footage Shows Alleged Tupac Murderer’s Arrest

Recently obtained film from police body cameras shows Duane “Keffe D” Davis being arrested on the Las Vegas Strip on suspicion of involvement in the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur.

Davis, 60, was strolling near his house in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson on September 29 when officers approached him from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department before daybreak.

The Metro Police identified themselves and asked Davis to come over to them.

Davis complied and was handcuffed while clutching a water bottle. The water became the main focus of the ensuing convo, with Davis requesting a drink.

Davis, who is not seen on the footage, can be heard asking a police officer if he was followed the night before while being driven on a freeway. The cop said no to the inquiry. Davis wanted to know why there weren’t any reporters present. The cops asked why he felt there would, or should, be media present. Davis said because that’s what “you’ll do.”

Later in the video, when parking, someone off camera asked Davis, “What did they get you for?”

Davis told him it was for the most significant case in Vegas history. He blurted, “September 7, 1996.”

It was a reference to the night Tupac Shakur was shot and killed.

Prosecutors and police believe that Davis plotted the hip-hop legend’s murder and provided his nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, with the murder weapon. Anderson, who had previously denied any responsibility for Shakur’s death, died in 1998.

Davis was a prime suspect in the murder investigation and admitted to his role in interviews leading up to the release of his memoir, Compton Street Legend, in 2019.

One of hip-hop’s oldest mysteries received fresh attention in the middle of July when authorities in Las Vegas raided Davis’ residence.

When Davis realized he needed more time to get an attorney, his first court appearance this week was cut short. On October 19, he is expected to make an appearance in court.