Blue City Resorts to Drastic Measures to Fight Crime

In the United States, there has been a general climate of instability and uncertainty within the nation since President Joe Biden entered the oval office in 2021. Since being sworn in as the 46th president, Americans across the country have grappled with a declining quality of life and rising costs. Over 5 million illegal migrants are estimated to have crossed the southern border with Mexico in just two and a half years, and in cities and suburbs across the union crime levels have soared. In early September, the police chief of the city of Philadelphia resigned amidst chaos and instability in the troubled city.

The Democrat Mayor of Philadelphia remains tone deaf. Jim Kenney blamed the recent crime surges in the city on “legal and illegal guns”. In a popular progressive Democrat narrative, the 2nd amendment right of law-abiding citizens to carry and own firearms was attacked, while criminal reform policies enacted in recent years that have resulted in the rise of violence and emboldened criminals are ignored. Homicides in Philadelphia rose dramatically in recent years. From 2007 to 2019, annual homicides ranged from a low of 246 to a high of 391 yearly. Since taking over in 2020, homicides reported during the police chief Danielle Outlaws term ranged from 499, 562, and 516 respectively, a sharp increase.

The city of brotherly love is not the only urban center facing a crime wave; New York and San Francisco are among others. In Washington D.C., the Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser recently announced a “pilot program” in which some city drivers will be issued “tracking devices” which will be placed on their vehicles to aid them in tracking it if it is ever stolen. In this laughable development, rather than guarding against crime by increasing penalties, the useless half-measure of implementing a “tracking device” on vehicles is being courted. Progressive lunacy continues in America’s cities as the fall of the nation continues.