Bloomberg Says Americans Should Eat Lentils to Cope With Inflation

( In a startlingly callous and patronizing column in Bloomberg over the weekend, leftist writer Teresa Ghilarducci, a professor and board member for the Left-leaning think tank The Economic Policy Institute, offered up some condescending and ridiculous suggestions for how average Americans can deal with inflation.

In her column, “Inflation Stings Most If You Earn Less Than $300K – Here’s How to Deal,” Ghilarducci even went so far as to suggest pet owners let their pets die rather than taking them to the vet for treatment.

But that’s just one of her condescending “suggestions.”

She told us dirty poors to suck it up and take public transportation as a way to avoid paying high gas prices.

And stop eating animal-based food products, you dirty carnivores! Ghilarducci suggested we start buying meat substitutes like vegetables, beans, and lentils.

In a dig at folks who shop at Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s Wholesale, something Ghilarducci would never dare to do, she instructed them not to buy in bulk.

And to those Americans who adopted pets during the COVID lockdowns, Ghilarducci told them not to waste their money taking them to the vet if they get seriously ill.

Government causes 40-year-high inflation and Ghilarducci’s response is to tell everybody hammered by it to just change their lifestyles.

But by her suggestions, Ghilarducci exposes her own ignorance on how most Americans live.

Public transportation isn’t going to help people outside of urban areas. As one Associated Press reporter said about Ghilarducci’s column, even urban and minority communities often lack access to dependable public transportation.

But this is the problem with people who live in a bubble.

We saw the same thing during the COVID lockdowns. The urban elitists who could easily work from home were constantly mocking working-class Americans who objected to being forced out of their jobs.

What’s the big deal, they’d ask. Just stay home, order delivery, and binge-watch Netflix.

For someone like Teresa Ghilarducci, inflation is no big deal. But rather than honestly assess the financial hardship 40-year-high inflation and skyrocketing prices has on average Americans, her solution is to tell them to eat lentils and let their pets die.