Bill O’Reilly Tells Why He Thinks Tucker Was Fired

On Monday, Fox News announced that it had “agreed to part ways” with top-rated primetime host Tucker Carlson, but offered no reason for the surprising move, the Associated Press reported.

But it has been suggested that Tucker’s ouster was prompted by Fox News’s fear of additional lawsuits like the one from Dominion for which Fox paid three-quarters of a billion dollars to settle.

The New York Times linked Fox’s decision with the lawsuit brought against Fox News by former producer Abby Grossberg, who accused the top-rated host of creating a hostile and discriminatory work environment.

During his “No Spin News” program on Monday night, Newsmax host Bill O’Reilly said Fox News is facing additional lawsuits, including the $2.6 billion lawsuit from the voting machine company Smartmatic. 

O’Reilly also believes Fox could face a lawsuit from January 6 rioter Ray Epps, who has called for Carlson to retract his remarks suggesting that Epps was in league with federal law enforcement to provoke violence at the Capitol. 

On Wednesday night, Carlson made his first public statement since Fox News fired him, releasing a video on Twitter where he blasted establishment politicians and their donors for silencing opposing voices and shutting down debate that could reveal the truth.

While not directly addressing the circumstances around his termination, Carlson said that most of the debate on television is “unbelievably stupid” and “completely irrelevant” and five years from now, “we won’t even remember that we have them.”

He said there are plenty of “undeniably big topics” that don’t get discussed at all, including those that “define our future.” But debates on these topics aren’t allowed on television because both parties and their donors “have reached a consensus on what benefits them” and have colluded to “shut down any conversation about it,” Carlson added.

But despite their efforts, the truth will prevail, Carlson said, adding that there remain places where Americans can still speak the truth.

Without revealing his future plans, Carlson closed his video saying, “See you soon.”