Bill Gates Linked AI Will Learn from Watching You

Over the last several decades, technological advantages have occurred that have irrevocably altered the way humans socialize, interact, and communicate. Indeed, when comparing the state of human technology just 100 years ago to that available in the modern day, it is truly astounding to have witnessed the extreme advancements that have been realized. Cameras, which were once a prized commodity, are now inexpensive and able to be carried within an individual’s pants pockets. Telephones, which had previously been limited to landline usages, are now as small as the palm of a hand and possess video chat capabilities. Air travel is routine, and trips which previously took days now take hours. Modern medicine continues to work wonders, and people are living longer than ever. Ultimately, in terms of technology, the 21st century is an unrivaled period in which to be alive.

But with all things, there are good, positive benefits to change and bad, detrimental negatives. Technology, for all its wonders, has severely damaged social cohesion in the United States and limited basic interactive and communication skills in younger individuals. In communities throughout the country, where conversation amongst people in grocery stores and at gas stations was once commonplace, and proper social etiquette and mannerisms were the norm, things have changed. The little things in life, and the meaning of face to face interactions, have become overshadowed and diminished by technology.

Most troublingly is the fact that technology has helped to destroy what were once stable jobs. Robots have gradually advanced and are increasingly utilized in manufacturing and distribution centers, and self-service kiosks are becoming commonplace in stores and restaurants around the country. AI is the most modern threat, and now individuals are even worried that it poses a direct risk to personal privacy. Recently, Bill Gates funded a tech company that has invented an AI chatbot designed to learn users interests and preferences over time. The platform is named Pix.