Bill de Blasio Is Running For Congress

( The lumbering oaf of a former mayor who drove New York City into the toilet announced last week that he is running for Congress in New York’s new congressional district that straddles Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio declared his candidacy for New York’s 10th Congressional District during an interview on MSNBC, saying polling shows “people are hurting” and “they need help fast.” Despite evidence to the contrary, the oafish disaster of a mayor told MSNBC that he is the one who knows how to help because of his time “serving the people of this city.”

Surprisingly, the MSNBC anchor didn’t laugh when he said it.

But for Democrat politicians, failure is always seen as a resume-enhancer.

De Blasio’s failed bid for the 2020 Democrat nomination was a complete disaster. A politician with a better sense of self-reflection never would have attempted it. But Bill de Blasio did.

Incumbent Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler, whose present district overlaps with the new 10th District, has decided not to run in District 10 but instead will challenge incumbent Democrat Carolyn Maloney in the newly drawn 12th District that includes Nadler’s base of support on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

With Nadler out of the running, the new District 10 is wide open. Among those who have already expressed interest in running for the seat are former House impeachment counsel, Daniel Goldman and incumbent Democrat Congressman Mondaire Jones, whose present district got absorbed by District 17. Jones, who lives nowhere near District 10, didn’t want to face District 17 incumbent Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney.

Several state Assembly members are also considering running in the new District 10, including Yuh-Line Niou. Niou’s spokesman Max Burns slammed de Blasio for MSNBC campaign announcement, saying in a tweet on Friday that de Blasio announcing his campaign during a TV interview proves that de Blasio is “more interested in being on national television” than he is in actually talking to the people who live in the district.

Can you blame him? Most of the people in the district probably despise de Blasio for turning New York City into a crime-infested hell-hole.

When asked if he would endorse his predecessor in the race, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Friday that he hadn’t even heard that de Blasio was running.