Big Tech Censored Criticism Of Biden More Than 600 Times

( According to the Media Research Center, over two years, Big Tech companies censored critics of President Joe Biden over 600 times.

From March 2020 until March 2022, Biden’s critics have had social media accounts or individual posts deleted, or had posts slapped with “warning” labels preventing others from sharing or commenting a total of 646 times.

A large chunk of the 646 incidents of censorship, 140 of them, were related to the October 2020 reporting by the New York Post on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, with Twitter being the most aggressive in censoring the explosive story.

But the Biden-related content to face the most censorship over those two years had to do with Biden’s questionable behavior toward children and women. There were 232 posts about handsy Joe’s inappropriate behavior that got squelched by Big Tech.

For example, Facebook deleted a user’s post featuring three photos of Joe Biden kissing his granddaughter on the lips that included the text, “Find someone who kisses you the way Joe Biden kisses his granddaughter.” Facebook claimed the pictures of Joe kissing his granddaughter violated its community standards on “nudity or sexual activity.”

When you get right down to it, Facebook’s reason for censoring the images only served as confirmation that Joe giving his granddaughter a lip-lock kiss was incredibly creepy and inappropriate.

Media Research Center also found that Big Tech will even censor social media posts that are direct quotes from Joe Biden.

Instagram removed a post from the conservative outlet Breaking 911 that consisted of a Biden quote slamming people who oppose getting vaccinated by invoking their freedom. In the quote, Biden says, “Freedom! … I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID. No, I mean, come on! Freedom?!”

When removing the post, Instagram claimed Biden’s words were promoting “violence and incitement.”

In total, the Media Research Center’s CensorTrack team found over 3,600 cases when conservative outlets, people, or social media posts were censored. In addition to the 646 incidents involving criticism of Joe Biden, posts discussing elections, COVID, climate change, and race were also censored by Big Tech during those 2 years.