Big Businesses Is Funding Woke Culture Right Now

( Industrial lobbyists in America are clamoring to curry favor with Joe Biden and the D.C. establishment even as the country’s manufacturing sector enters a slump. Their most recent efforts take the form of the absurd Manufacturers for Gay Marriage PR campaign.

The misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” is advocated explicitly for by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on Capitol Hill. This formerly esteemed industry group uses its substantial political capital to push well beyond issues pertinent to the manufacturing capabilities of the US. This new regulation will enable manufacturing workers to “present their genuine selves to work,” the Association claims incredulously.

Why does the NAM need to get involved in this social issue?

The eagerness of big business to appease perpetual Washington and effectively bribe liberal and establishment power players to advance the objectives of corporate C-suite executives is the source of the answer.

This practice channels the previous Medieval Catholic tradition of paying stipends for the remission of sins, in which powerful corporations pay the modern equivalent of indulgences. In this twenty-first-century version, the permanent political elite, which promotes radical social policies, receives these indulgences from a corrupt, rent-seeking corporate class. These connected corporations enjoy favorable regulatory and policy treatment to ensure their dominant market positions.

Large international consumer brands, for instance, are effectively excused from exploiting Chinese slave labor to make things for American consumers. Similarly, American manufacturers who relocate their operations abroad don’t pay the price for doing so, mainly because these same businesses obediently support the political system. Financial behemoths on Wall Street receive hefty contracts to administer the public funds of government institutions and pensions in exchange for fervently advancing the ruling class’s secular humanist agenda.

Gay marriage is already accepted throughout the country in America as a result of state laws and the Obergefell ruling by the Supreme Court. This new law constitutes an overt attempt to further federalize marriage policy during the lame-duck session of the Democrat-controlled Congress.

It gives secular opponents of religious groups a potent national legal tool for intimidation and compulsion.