Biden’s Slams Netanyahu As Gaza Costs Him Voters

As the Gaza conflict drags on and the president’s popularity among young voters plummets, Jit’s been reported that Joe Biden has slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “bad f-king guy” in private.

According to sources who have spoken with the president, Biden has become increasingly suspicious of Netanyahu as the conflict approaches its fourth month. He criticized Netanyahu for commenting and claimed that the Prime Minister is eager to involve the US in a full-scale war against terror groups in the Middle East that Iran supports.

According to White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, Biden has never made such a comment. He said the president and Netanyahu have a decades-long, respectful relationship in public and private.

Despite the White House’s best efforts, the conflict has been a constant contention between the two presidents. After a particularly heated discussion in December, Biden reportedly hung up on Netanyahu.

The health ministry in Gaza, which Hamas operates, said that over 27,000 people died on Sunday. Biden and Netanyahu have argued about how to reduce civilian fatalities. After the fighting stops, the two also have different ideas about the Palestinian enclave’s design.

To the disappointment of his Democratic constituency, Biden has maintained his stance on America’s backing for Israel, even though predictions indicate that the conflict will most certainly drag on beyond 2024.

The battle in Gaza, according to many political observers, is the main reason Biden is losing ground to Trump. An unnamed House Democrat told reporters that this is a political disaster. Not only are liberals irate, but the base is as well.

The source said that Biden should press Israel to accept a truce accord since a protracted conflict in Gaza may lose him thousands of votes in November, and the Democrat asserted that Netanyahu is “toxic” to many Democratic voters.