Biden’s Sanctions Embolden Iran

Since president Joe Biden began his term of service as the 46th president of America, he has presided over a period of serious chaos and volatility in many regards. In many instances, Biden has appeared completely inept and incompetent, and has made several questionable governing decisions. On the first day of his presidency, Biden reversed many key policies that President Trump had implemented at the southern border which had significantly reduced the number of illegal migrants entering America. Additionally, he ended the construction of the border wall. What has followed these decisions has been an unprecedented surge in migration into America; over 5 million illegals have entered the country since Biden began his term in January 2021, and the president and his administration appear unable or unwilling to address the serious problem at the border.

While making America less safe and threatening the national security of the union, Biden has also given in to the demands of radical progressive environmentalists. Bidens predecessor, Donald Trump, had the nation energy independent and non-reliant on any foreign sources for energy sources like oil for the first time in decades. Biden quickly reversed this, gutting oil production and heavily subsidizing “green” energy initiatives like wind and solar. Gas prices have skyrocketed, and the middle class has been crushed. Biden also ended construction of a major pipeline which would connect sources of Canadian oil to American refineries known as the Keystone pipeline. At the same time, Biden allowed foreign nations like Russia to drill for oil in the North Atlantic while continuing to cripple his own domestic production.

Biden has worked against the interests of his own country and empowered enemies of America. He even removed oil sanctions on Venezuela, a socialist nation and an adversary of America. America is now importing oil from Venezuela, beholden to an enemy nation for supplies. Another adversary, Iran, has watched its economy boom following the removal of sanctions.