Biden’s New COVID Coordinator Wants Vaccine Passports

( Just when it felt like we only needed about two weeks to “flatten the pandemic restrictions,” along comes Biden’s new COVID-19 Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, to inform us that we aren’t anywhere near close to normalization.

Jha plans to enact mandatory vaccination passports and mandatory vaccinations for air travelers.

In an interview with The Economist, the doctor stated, “Vaccine certificates are needed so everyone’s full participation in society can be restored.”

Critics note that this statement implies that the unvaccinated will not be permitted to participate fully in society, yet Jha insists that his mandates do not infringe on personal freedom. This disparate thinking is a bit alarming but consistent for the doctor.

His mandate would include a database that would determine who received the injection, allowing participants to “enjoy work, school, restaurants, houses of worship and other places safe for everyone.” The implication is that the unjabbed will not be enjoying any such things.

Dr. Jha spoke at an event called “A National Strategy For Digital Health.” If this sounds ominous, it’s because it is. Jha is giddy about the prospect of a smartphone app that verifies a person’s compliance status. Sitting at home, untethered from the outside world, is your fate without that confirmation.

In a tweet posted in late 2021, Jha said, “Its time for vaccine mandate for air travel. Lack of one is becoming an issue. Basically, we can’t expect mitigation measures to be enforced well enough to prevent transmission on airplanes forever.”

No jab – no fly.

You can’t even escape to a country that doesn’t have such draconian measures.

Particularly disturbing is Jha’s worship of Tony Fauci. He’s called him his personal “role model,” and when asked Covid questions, he will always channel his “inner Fauci.”

But of all the strange policy positions and illogic, his statement about BLM inspires the most head-scratching. He endorsed the Black Lives Matter protests despite warnings about super-spreader events. The doctor/activist explained,  “Anti-racism demonstrations are the perfect scapegoat for a rise in Covid-19 cases, but science suggests their risks can be mitigated… it is also clear that there is a serious risk and grave public health cost to not addressing systemic racism against black people in America. If we are to confront systemic racism, such mass demonstrations seem “essential,” to use our new pandemic lexicon,”

Salad is good for one’s health. Word salads? Not so much.