Biden’s Latest “Gift” Expected To Raise Food Prices

( In reaction to anticipated food shortages due to the Ukraine/Russia war, President Biden purchased millions of tons of grain for people in other nations. However, as a result of his activities, the cost of food in the United States will rise much higher.

Reports say Russia has accused Ukraine of mining Black Sea ports, and the mines are now floating out into the Black Sea.

Several hundred mines have floated into the Black Sea after breaking free from cables near Ukrainian ports, according to Russia’s intelligence agency. Ukraine denounced the report as misinformation and an attempt to seal off areas of the sea.

The Black Sea serves as an essential transportation corridor for grain, oil, and oil products.

According to reports, the Novorossiisk Port Authority stated that shipping in the western Black Sea was at risk. The issue is that millions of tons of grain from Ukraine are not getting out of the country. Regardless of who placed the mines, The United Nations urges Ukraine’s ports to be opened so that grain may be exported.

To help ease the worldwide hunger issues, the United Nations World Food Program has urged for the reopening of Ukrainian ports that have been closed due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to the United Nations, millions of metric tons of grain have languished in silos in Odesa and other Ukrainian ports. More grain is trapped aboard ships due to the war.

The World Food Program has appealed for these ports to reopen so that farmers can have room to store their next harvest in Summer. Otherwise, it may rot and need to be discarded. Ukraine’s grain silos are full, and without delivery of the grain, soon millions of people will be starving, said the WFP director David Beasley.

According to news reports, The Biden Administration announced this week that it would donate $670 million in food aid worldwide. But the product is being handled by USAID, and it’s questionable how much of it will reach hungry people throughout the world.

Biden’s efforts will result in higher food prices in the United States. Has his administration given any thought to this?