Biden’s Gaffes Are Costing His Administration A Lot

( The Biden presidency has been plagued with a series of “walk-backs” and “clean-ups” after old Joe opens his mouth and says something that runs counter to the administration’s official policy positions.

This is the problem when the guy at the top is not the guy in charge, especially if the guy at the top has a long history of outlandish statements, embarrassing gaffes, and outright lies.

Last week while in Asia, President Biden said that the United States would defend Taiwan militarily if China were to attack. The administration’s clean-up team quickly “clarified” Biden’s position, noting that US policy on China and Taiwan has not changed.

Then there was President Biden’s blundering statement in late March during a speech in Warsaw, where he declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

The clean-up crew quickly rushed in to explain what the president meant to say, assuring the world that the administration is not seeking regime change in Russia.

Sure, some of Biden’s boneheaded remarks are harmless, like when he lied during his Naval Academy commencement address about having been appointed to the Naval Academy.

But the blundering statements that could drag the country into a war with Russia or China are definitely causing this White House a lot of headaches.

The White House clean-up crew has had its work cut out for it trying to put out the fires Biden’s misstatements cause.

An explosive report from NBC News on Tuesday revealed that old Joe is growing frustrated that members of his administration are constantly walking back his many statements.

According to the report, the president has complained to his advisors that having a clean-up crew step in and “clarify” his remarks “undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his campaign.”


People didn’t vote for Biden because he was “authentic.” Trump was authentic. They voted for Biden because they wanted a “return to normalcy.”

What kind of “normalcy” can there be if the President is out there threatening to wage war against China?

According to the report, Biden was livid when his team walked back that Putin comment during his Warsaw speech. He complained that he’d be seen as “unreliable” and allegedly reminded his staff that he’s the one who’s president.

NBC News also reported that Biden is also worried that having staffers “clarify” his statements will only add fuel to the Republicans’ argument that Joe Biden is not the guy in charge.