Biden’s Approval Continues To Sink

The most recent CNN survey showed that President Biden’s approval rating for his job fell to 37%, further indicating that his favorability is dwindling as he runs for reelection in 2024.

At the outset of his administration, Biden had approval rates in the 50s, and according to CNN polls, he still had 45 percent at the beginning of this year. From 39% at the start of the month, the most recent number indicates a decline of 2 percentage points.

When it comes to the economy, crime, America’s place in the world, and immigration, fewer people agree with Democrats than with Republicans. However, Democrats do have the upper hand on a separate set of concerns. A large portion of the Democratic base seems to have been motivated by concerns connected to abortion, climate, and voting in last year’s midterm elections; the poll found that Americans associated more with them than Republicans on these topics. When aiding the middle class, the public is strongly divided between the Democratic and Republican platforms.

On all of the polled issues, neither major party has the backing of the majority, and a sizeable portion of the population disagrees with the stances taken by the two main parties.

Even though he started the year with 45% support, Biden’s ratings have steadily declined—approximately 40% favored surveys conducted between March and the beginning of November. With 63% disapproving of his job performance and 37% in favor, he is facing his lowest approval rating since becoming president, down one percentage point, according to the most recent poll. The previous low record for approval, set in 2021, just after the assault on the US Capitol on January 6, was 34%; that figure is still a few points higher. At this point, Trump has established himself as the Republican nominee to face Biden in the next presidential race.

Compared to January of this year, when ratings were in the 80s among Democrats and self-described liberals, Biden’s job approval is now at 72% and 63%, respectively.

College graduates (48%), Black Americans (47%), Latino Americans (42%), those 45 and over (41%), those under 45 (33%), White Americans (33%), and those without a bachelor’s degree (31%). Fewer than half of these groups currently approve of his job performance.

When asked about the state of the economy, 71% of Americans said it was terrible, and 38% said it was very poor. While it’s an improvement over 82% in the summer of 2022, it’s still far lower than the pre-pandemic impressions held by Americans.

There is a little uptick in optimism when looking forward, with 61% predicting that the economy would still be in the wrong place a year from now.