Biden Used “Secret Lists” To Target His Opponents

( Last October, Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar accused the Biden Justice Department of maintaining “two secret lists” it uses to infringe on the constitutional rights of its political opponents.

In an October 28, 2021 letter to Merrick Garland, Congressman Gosar claimed that the DOJ was using the No Fly List and the NICS List to strip Americans of their constitutional rights without due process.

In his letter, Gosar cited allegations made by controversial Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer who in January of that year, said that she was prohibited from owning a firearm on the NICS index.

Gosar said in his letter that Loomer had never been notified by the FBI that she was placed on the list and she only found out when she applied for a concealed carry permit in Florida and her application was denied.

It is unclear whether Loomer’s claim that she was flagged in NCIS for political reasons is true or not. Though, this is what Gosar implies in his letter to Garland.

Last week, the Gateway Pundit reminded readers of this October 2021 letter after the Senate passed its so-called “bipartisan gun safety” measure with the help of Republicans (the GP inaccurately stated that 14 Republican Senators voted for the bill; it was actually 15).

In accusing Democrats and RINOs of passing so-called “red flag” laws to help Joe Biden take guns from his political opponents, the Gateway Pundit cited the 2021 claims by Laura Loomer and Paul Gosar as proof.

The $13 billion measure passed in the Senate provides financial incentives to states that create mental health programs and implement “red flag” laws. The package does not include a federal “red flag” law.

In a 234 to 193 vote on Friday, the House passed the Senate bill. Fourteen House Republicans voted for it, including Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (big surprise).

Over the weekend, President Biden signed the measure into law.