Biden Tries To Control Migrant Transportation – Abbott Isn’t Having It

A report shows that if President Joe Biden’s plan to limit the power of border states to move illegal immigrants to other areas throughout the country goes forward, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to send more buses to Washington, D.C.

The Republican governor wrote on social media that Biden is thinking of keeping migrant families in Texas against their will. He said this trick was attempted years ago and was shot down by a court. Abbott intends to deliver the same fast punishment to Joe Biden. Abbott said on Thursday that many additional buses full of migrants will be sent to Washington, D.C.

Abbott’s remarks came in response to an article that detailed a “Biden plan” that would compel certain migrants to stay in Texas or potentially other border states by tracking their whereabouts with GPS tracking devices such as ankle bracelets.

Court documents released on Monday indicated that an appeals court had ruled in favor of allowing Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott to temporarily retain his border barrier of floating buoys. Based on the filing, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling is just interim until a final ruling is issued.

Abbott said in a statement on Thursday that the judge’s judgment only prolongs President Biden’s deliberate unwillingness to admit that Texas is legitimately stepping up to perform the duty that Biden should have been executing all along.

According to the Congressional Research Service, in fiscal year 2022, Border Patrol agents counted a record-breaking 2,250,000 unlawful crossings of the southern border.
Abbott first proposed the floating barriers in June to curb the influx of illegal immigrants into his state.

The governor made the proclamation while signing a package of border security laws passed by the legislature into law that provided $5.1 billion to the state of Texas.
Reports show Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw indicated that the Border Patrol was already looking to employ the water barrier.