Biden Tight-Lipped On Nine Americans Killed In Israel

As the autumn season enters the heart of its activity, increasing levels of fall foliage and festivities surrounding the season are in full swing. While the weather begins to grow milder, this is in stark contrast to the tumultuous state of natural meteorological occurrences in much of the United States which dominated the summer months. In Hawaii, the deadliest wildfires in American history occurred in late summer on the island of Maui, producing widespread devastation, carnage, and destruction. While the local utilities provider Hawaiian Electric faces massive lawsuits alleging negligence, which helped to cause the fires, the exact causes of the blaze remains unknown. In the southeast, Hurricane Idalia made landfall on the Florida gulf coast and move up towards the panhandle, causing widespread flooding, power outages and damages before moving into other southeastern states.

While weather events often pose risks to individuals everywhere, they are far from the only dangers a person may face on a daily basis. The terrorist attacks in Hamas reinforced that statement; in early October nearly 1,000 unprovoked civilians were murdered in Israel, with many in their homes. Nine Americans were killed in the attacks, and thus far President Biden has been characteristically weak and silent. On October 2nd, in an official address, Biden did not mention the deaths of American citizens in Israel. Biden had not appeared publicly since Saturday, September 30th when he delivered a very brief statement on the manner.

Biden still had time to host a barbecue at the White House on Sunday the 1st, though. If there is anyone who deserved heightened scrutiny regarding the incident in the middle east, it is Biden. His weak leadership had emboldened enemies of the west, and his attempt to restore the Iran Nuclear Deal and make agreements with the country for the increased exportation of oil which funneled billions to it may very well have allowed Hamas to carry out this lofty attack.