Biden Takes Victory Lap Over IRS Push

( According to a report, President  Joe Biden recently said that the affluent and corporations would contribute their fair share.

Biden later hailed the passage into law of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which mandates a minimum corporation tax rate of 15%. More than 87,000 more Internal Revenue Service agents will be hired thanks to this bill.

Biden claimed that the measure he had just signed would force firms with annual revenue of $1 billion or more to pay at least 15% tax.

President Biden’s remarks come as the Republican-controlled House has opened an investigation into nine possible crimes committed by members of the Biden family, including wire fraud,¬† tax evasion, and laundering money.

Reports show the Justice Department is also looking into possible tax and firearms offenses by Hunter Biden. The investigation of the Biden family’s international business dealings when Joe Biden was vice president has been going on for years and has been hotly contested by Justice Department officials for months.

Rep. James Comer (R-TN), the ranking Republican on the Oversight Committee, has claimed that Congress would investigate whether or not Joe Biden is compromised or influenced by foreign cash or influence due to his family’s relationships with foreign partners.

Reports suggest that Joe Biden was not only aware of his son’s business transactions but actively participated in them.

While reviewing Hunter Biden’s emails, in one instance, it becomes clear that Eric Schwerin was responsible for filtering and distributing all of the profits. Schwerin worked as the Policy and Outreach Coordinator with the China Trade Relations Working Group.

Hunter repeatedly asks Eric to pay him and wonders where the money is going in a series of emails.

According to a report, Joe Biden sent Eric to work for him and his son Hunter following a 2009 meeting regarding China arranged by Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s aide. He was immediately promoted to President of Rosemont Seneca Partners (RSTP), where he managed the company’s many iterations, from RSTP I and II, and all the shell businesses in which Hunter participated.

Joe Biden appeared intimately familiar with Hunter Biden, his enterprises, and his money issues.