Biden Supporter Switches to Trump Citing Border Concerns

(NEW) President Biden Delivers Remarks On The Debt Ceiling. May 10, 2023, Valhalla, New York, USA: U.S. President Joe Biden Speaks on the debt limit during an event at SUNY Westchester Community College on May 10, 2023 in Valhalla, New York, USA. U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday blasted Republican-demanded spending cuts as "devastating," making his case in a campaign-style speech to voters as lawmakers met in Washington on raising the government's borrowing limit to avoid a potentially catastrophic U.S. Credit: M10s / TheNews2 (Foto: M10s/TheNews2/Deposit Photos)

The 2024 presidential election approaches closer with each day. Currently, the contest is forecasted to be a rematch of the 2020 presidential election in which the former 45th president the business, reality television star and real estate mogul Donald Trump was defeated by the long serving career politician from Delaware and the former vice President Joe Biden. Current polls often forecast the election as a “dead heat”, with Trump and Biden routinely separated by only a handful of points. Both men are increasingly unpopular, with Biden enjoying an approval rating of around 38% in recent surveys, while Trump is also greatly disliked by massive swaths of Americans. Ultimately, the election may be decided by only a few points here or there and likely only by a few swing states. A recent poll by Quinnipiac gives the incumbent president Joe Biden a 48% to 47% lead over Trump, and showcases a very small number of undecided voters. This is unsurprising, the country is quite polarized.

In recent polls in toss up “purple” states, Trump has been shown to hold a lead. In Michigan, Trump is leading Biden in projected polls by 5 points. Trump held a 3 point lead in Pennsylvania, a 7 point lead in Arizona, and had a whopping 10 point lead in Georgia and a 12 point lead in Nevada. These statistics sourced from a poll by the New York Times.

Trump recently held a political rally in the South Bronx in deep blue New York City. Trump is attempting to court Hispanic and Black voters and has cited Joe Biden’s horrible immigration policies as reasons to support him in the upcoming contest. Trump claimed that migrants were arriving in blue states and being provided with housing, food and clothing while Americans suffer economically and inflation crushes working citizens. One Democrat voter, Jerry Evans, attended the rally and said he would flip his support from Biden to Trump.