Biden Super PAC Caught In Dark Money Scheme

The Future Forward PAC, a super PAC supporting President Biden’s re-election, has received substantial donations from undisclosed sources, known as “dark money.” Detailed in filings with the Federal Election Commission, these contributions raise transparency and public trust concerns.

On December 29, the Future Forward USA Action nonprofit contributed $8 million to the Future Forward PAC. However, as the nonprofit doesn’t disclose donor identities, the origins of these millions are unknown. Politico reported that Future Forward raised $200 million last year, combining funds from its nonprofit and super PAC.

The latest filings show the Future Forward PAC raised approximately $25 million in 2023. Given the lack of transparency, a significant portion of this money likely comes from dark money accounts, further obscuring funding sources for President Biden’s campaign.

Critics highlight the irony of President Biden benefiting from dark money, undermining public trust. Recent notable donors include James Simons, who contributed $2.5 million; Fred Eychaner, who donated $2 million; and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who gave $1 million. These contributions and the nonprofit transfer account for a significant portion of the PAC’s fundraising.

The Future Forward PAC has a history of channeling dark money from its nonprofit through various groups overseen by the Arabella Advisors consulting firm. This complex web of transactions conceals the sources of funds.

During the most recent presidential election cycle, a shadowy finance organization called the Impetus Fund moved $55.8 million to Future Forward USA Action. Subsequently, between the 2020 election and June 2023, Future Forward USA Action channeled $77 million into the coffers of the Future Forward PAC, accounting for more than 40 percent of the political action committee’s overall contributions.

Despite controversy, the Future Forward PAC’s impact on President Biden’s campaign is recognized. Senior White House adviser Anita Dunn praised the PAC’s effectiveness and advertising strategies during the 2020 election.

Political organizations’ reliance on dark money raises concerns about campaign finance integrity and transparency. Undisclosed donors shaping political outcomes undermine public trust, calling for greater accountability and transparency. The issue of dark money in politics remains a topic of concern and scrutiny as the Future Forward PAC continues to raise significant funds.