Biden Starts Weirdly Touching Child On Camera

( As part of National Police Week, on Monday President Biden awarded the Medal of Valor to 15 public safety officers, including a firefighter and a police officer who were both killed in the line of duty.

The Medal of Valor is the highest award given to public safety officers in the United States.

During the East Room ceremony, the president also took a moment to pay tribute to the retired police officer who was killed on Saturday trying to protect others during the supermarket shooting in Buffalo.

The two who were honored posthumously were North Carolina police officer Jason Shuping, who was shot and killed in 2020 while responding to a carjacking, and New York firefighter Jared Lloyd who died while rescuing residents from a burning nursing home in 2021.

But the solemnity of the event was marred by Joe Biden’s obsessive need to get inappropriately handsy with little children.

Jared Lloyd’s mother, who was called up to the stage to accept her late son’s medal, brought with her two young boys, presumably Lloyd’s children.

And as Jared Lloyd’s heroic exploits were being read out, old Joe stood there stroking one of the boy’s arms while massaging his shoulders, only to let go of the kid long enough to give Lloyd’s mother the medal. But as soon as that was done, one of Joe’s hands immediately dropped back down on the boy’s shoulder.

Watch HERE.

Honestly, why can’t this dirty old man keep his hands to himself?