Biden Reports Only Weeks Left In Negotiations With Iran To Reinstate Obama-Era Nuclear Deal

( Desperate to recommit the United States to the disastrous 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, the Biden administration is warning that only a few weeks remain to save the awful deal before Iran’s nuclear capabilities reach the point of no return.

A senior State Department official told reporters on Monday that Iran is “weeks, not months” away from having enough fissile material to make a nuclear bomb. The official claimed “we are in the final stretch” and Iran’s “nuclear advances” mean negotiations “can’t go on forever.”

Who believes them?

Obama flack Ben Rhodes, the guy charged with promoting the original Iran deal, admitted in a New York Times interview in 2015 that he fed lies to reporters to get support for the deal.

Since a lot of the same people who populated the Obama foreign policy team are populating the Biden foreign policy team, take their portents of doom with a grain of salt.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the Iranians haven’t been toying with these dopes as a way to run out the clock. They probably have.

But to trust the Biden State Department’s warnings at face value seems like a sucker move.

The only reason Iran would agree to any deal is to gain sanctions relief. But as most critics have warned since the start, Iran will get its sanctions relief and promptly use that money to continue developing its ballistic missile program and supporting its terrorist proxies throughout the region.

In short, whatever deal the Biden administration secures won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Iran will renege.

From the looks of things, the Biden team’s accommodations toward Iran are already causing problems. Two of the top officials on the team stepped down over concerns that Rob Malley, Biden’s special envoy for Iran, and his team are being “too dovish” on sanctions relief.