Biden Order U.S. Steele To Be Used For Infrastructure

( The Biden administration has been rightfully criticized for a lot of the spending it’s initiated, but a recent order by the president will at least make sure that all that money is going to U.S. manufacturers.
On Monday, the Biden administration released requirements on how certain projects that are going to be funded by the bipartisan infrastructure bill must be used.
In essence, the guidance that the White House issued on Monday says that any material that’s purchased for a projected covered by the $1 trillion bill has to be produced within the United States. That means that any project for broadband internet, water pipes, highways and bridges have to use materials made in America.
Unfortunately, there are waivers available for this requirement, if there aren’t sufficient domestic producers of the material, or if the cost of the material is too expensive. That leaves quite a lot of wiggle room that many people would have liked to see tightened.
The Biden administration said the goal is to issue fewer of those waivers as time goes on, based on the fact that manufacturing capacity in the U.S. should increase as part of the package.
The director of Made in America, an agency created under the White House Office of Management and Budget, Celeste Drake, recently commented on the guidance, saying:
“There are going to be additional opportunities for good jobs in the manufacturing sector.”
President Joe Biden took to the road to tout the infrastructure budget last week, visiting Greensboro in North Carolina. The president is hoping that some of his initiatives will soon reduce America’s reliance on other nations such as China, while also easing strains in the supply chain and creating more domestic jobs.
Biden is apparently focusing on domestic production as a way to counteract inflation, which sits at a level that hasn’t been seen in more than 40 years. Many Republicans have been attacking him and Democrats as a whole, saying that the first shoe to drop for inflation was the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill passed via unilateral budget reconciliation in the spring of 2021.
On his trip in North Carolina last Thursday, Biden said:
“From day one, every action I’ve taken to rebuild our economy has been guided by one principle: Made in America. It takes a federal government that doesn’t just give lip service to buying American but actually takes action.”
The president explained that the federal government devotes approximately $700 billion on an annual basis to procure goods, and there is supposed to be a priority on suppliers who are based in America. That said, regulations that are nearly 100 years old have proven insufficient to making sure that actually happens.
One other positive that could come out of this new guidance, theoretically, is that the federal government will be able to see how much money is going to factories and workers in the U.S. from the infrastructure bill.
Of course, this is all lip service, as Biden describes it, for now — until or unless his administration actually follows through on the promise.